Happy 2024 everyone!


January is the time that things get a bit miserable, isn’t it? All those twinkling lights out around town are going back into storage and all we’re left with is grey skies and empty boxes of chocolates. Boo!

It’s a strange time of the year in restaurants too. You see places trying to out-do themselves doing 50% off (or more… just bonkers!) in a bid to get people through the door. But we don’t believe in undervaluing ourselves or doing our team and menu a disservice by selling food for less than it’s worth.

That being said… we know how hard it is right now and appreciate that people have less in their pockets for treats like dining out. So, looking ahead to January, we want to make sure we do our best to be as accessible as we can so people can still join us.

Here’s the bit where we tell you the good news.


We’ve created a new menu with an outrageous price point.

It’s 2 for £15 or 3 for £20.

It’s available from 2nd Jan at lunchtimes Monday – Friday and until 6:30 from Monday – Thursday at Sticky, Burnt, Hispi, Wreck and Kala. 

It might be ridiculously cheap but it’s bloody good food.

We’ve worked hard with our chefs to strip things back and keep things really simple. It’s good, hearty, tasty stuff served to you by a team who love what they do. And sometimes you don’t need anything more than that.

Book to dine in January if you’d like to take a little trip to Italy with us, we’ve got arancini and a beautiful beef and red wine ragu rigatoni. Plus, panna cotta or affogato to finish. We’ll serve these all throughout January and if you love it we’ll carry it on with some different dishes in February, maybe something French or Spanish inspired!

We’d love to see you and please do let us know what you think (you can email info@elitebistros.com)

BONUS: New lunchtime menu pricing!

Outside of our fabulous ‘2 for £15’ menu, we have been thinking about other ways to make it even easier for you to enjoy a delightful meal at your favourite neighbourhood bistro.

So we’ve introduced an affordable day-time price for our usual main menu: 2 for £28 or 3 for £35 (usually 2 for £42 and 3 for £48). Available from 2nd Jan at lunchtimes Monday – Saturday, it shows the best of Elite Bistros whilst still being kind to your wallet.

BONUS BONUS: Lunchtime menu pricing all evening Mon – Thurs.

Ok this one doesn’t need explaining too much. Launching Tuesday 2nd Jan and running until the final day on Thursday 1st Feb.

See you soon (hopefully)